When a moderator becomes a Cheater, a Theft, a Loser

Not much of a solution then, huh?

The majority coders here are honest people, despise plagiarism, will not even look at a hint given by others. Exception may happen rarely, though if happened it could disrupt the harmony or hurt some members’ feeling. Using automated monitoring is a low cost solution to avoid it from happening.

A way to flag published solutions, why not., But in general, I agree with @Magus: most proposed solutions are far from simple to implement, especially as it would become a cat and mouse game with a few cheaters trying to avoid it. All this for preventing a problem that actually does not affect me much (XP is a perk but does not matter much). I would much rather that CG staff spend their time implementing cool features that all legitimate users can enjoy.


Maybe I read you wrong, but I feel you’re very heavily implying that you’re not affected by XP ergo nobody (well nobody legitimate at least) should enjoy XP. That’s a bit presumptuous :frowning:

i understand your reading. but funnily my intent was exactly the opposite: I was going to say most people don’t care about those few cheaters, but then I realized I cannot speak in their name, so I just wrote in the first person to express my personal opinion :slight_smile:

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