1st in Language T-Shirt

I know there have been a lot of complaints and suggestions regarding the 1st in language t-shirts, but all that aside, that’s how GitC was done. I got 1st in swift but didn’t receive an email. I heard a lot of rumors that maybe you also had to be in the top 150 global ranking to get one (I think I was 192), or maybe swift/swift3 and python/python3 are counted as a single language. Can I just get a definitive answer from GC? If they don’t deem my fully functioning, legendary-ranked bot t-shirt worthy that’s fine – I would just like to know why. Thanks!


The position of CG is simple: if you have cheated, you will not receive the t-shirt. So, if you have pushed a default code in any language once you have reached the legend league just to get a t-shirt, you will not receive it.

This is the case for very few players (and this is not your case).

So yes, I’ve just checked and you will receive a t-shirt. We are currently sending you an email (it was an error you didn’t received it) :wink: