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LOL guess all the C++ programmers are experts in C++ :stuck_out_tongue: No Doubts

So what is the exact compiler used for C++?
Since the editor on codingame is terrible I code in Visual Studio 2015, but then I run into problems every single time I try to run my code on codingame. For one reason or another I get an error message, and sometimes it vomits hundreds of lines of gibberish at me in a window that is excruciatingly frustrating to navigate. Either I can’t see the error message, or I can’t see the code. Not to mention that most of the linguistical garbage it throws at me has very little meaning.

What version of the standard can I use?
Vector works, even with initializer lists, but for some reason I could not make unordered_map work.

Is there any better way to code on this site? I like the games and the contests, but it is very tiring to fix my code that is perfectly functioning in Visual Studio 2015. Yes I know, it does some curios things, or outright some blatantly wrong ones, but it at least works.

You can find the compiler and version details here:

If you can’t trust Visual Studio 2015 to give you the same results, try using the plugin that Coding Game provides to sync a local file with the codingame environment.

Unordered_map should work fine on Coding game:

    #include <unordered_map>
    std::unordered_map<std::string, std::string> u = {