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Hey there,

any chance we see regular updates of the Dart SDK?
Dart is pretty young, but just awesome and gets updated every X month.

Thanks for updating Dart to the latest version :thumbsup:

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Can we have another update please ?
I tried the null-aware operators but it doesn’t seems to work on the current installed version.

Currently we have this version :
1.7.2 (Tue Oct 14 06:55:59 2014) on “linux_x64”’

Now we have the 1.12.2 (Oct 2015) version available.
I think 1 year of evolution in a young language is pretty huge.

So please ? * look with shiny eyes*


I am also very thankful for having Dart here! I really like the language.

Anyone here had trouble with the ‘enum’ keyword? I get: unexpected token ‘enum’ in what should be a legal spot. Enums have been in the standard for a while now.

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Is there a dart bundler available that merges multiple files into one?