About the General category

If you want to create a “programming related” post but it doesn’t fit in an other category, feel free to use this one then.

I’m guessing that this isn’t to be like the Lobby on other websites… or “general” like /b/ on a certain set of image boards.

I’d include a Tumblr equivalent… but “Homestuck” really cannot be claimed to be a “Lobby” or “General Discussion” so much as it just takes up lobbies during its whole “ruin conventions” thing (Homestuck did manage to Slashdot Newgrounds… something not even Slashdot could do)… >.>’

This comment here is mostly for the admins to confirm–and not have people have to bring it up later.

I think it’s more to avoid the uncategorized part of the forum to grow too much :wink:

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Oh!.. oooooohhhhh! Oh… o.o’

Uh shoot… the abyss is winking at me… I think the abyss I looked into just bought me another drink…

thxs i will try to use it thxs alot im a new person on here.