About the new contest format (4 hours + 4 weeks)

I just had some questions about the next contest format:
“The Sprint starts on Wednesday the 25th of July at 12 PM EST for 4 hours. The Marathon starts next Friday (27th of July) at 12 PM EST for 4 weeks. Between the two parts, the game is closed.”

The way I understand it, the contest starts wednesday, then is “closed”, then resumes fridays for 4 weeks. I was mostly wondering what would be the state of the contest while “closed”. I guess we cant submit, but I was wondering if we would have access to:

  • The IDE
  • the rules
  • the referee
  • previously created replays
  • last battles

Also, what about the leagues ? Will we know all the rules once the contest is closed ? It’s kind of annoying to think about your algo and have 1 rule destroy all your assumptions, would be nice to know all the rules.


Some additional questions. How is the leaderboard handled? Are there 2 leaderboards, one for sprint and one for marathon? Is there a leaderboard for overall (spring + marathon)? Similar questions for codinpoints.

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  • no access to the IDE
  • no rules changes between sprint & marathon
  • statement is accessible in your contest report (if you submitted an AI)
  • replays are accessible I guess. Last battles too
  • two leaderboards, codinpoints for both

Will there be wood leagues with incremental changes to the rules during the sprint?
If so, could we have access to the Referee in the first wood league?
Thank you

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Now we have some parallel discussion to the discord going on.

Illedan - Today at 2:36 PM
They could also make a contribution game with bronze rules, to have a simple arena…
[CG]Thibaud - Today at 2:38 PM
that’s possible

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Hum maybe I’m lacking the context, I don’t get what Illedan means by that.

He means create a separate custom multi game with bronze rules until marathon opens

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As we already discussed on the discord, the issue with a 4 hours sprint with wood league is that wood boss can take 2 hours to finish their own ranking … I really hope that CodinGame will adress this issue before tomorrow or else the 4 hours sprint will be 2 hours of staying idle in front of our code waiting for the next league.

Skip the wood leagues maybe ? :smiley:

  • kutulu gold release also happens on this day, which might further delay ranking system
  • Wood leagues rules announced briefly at the end of the statement in the “What is in store in the higher leagues?” section
  • referee and advanced details are only available from the Bronze league
  • we’re fixing a bug that made the boss do too many matches
  • Code of Kutulu gold league will be released at another time

Well, you called it…

2h was far away of the reality :smiley: 2h50 for submit idle time.

More questions: does the sprint contest unlock achievements like “Hundreds are behind me” or “first in a language” ?

It was the first time I was in top 100 :stuck_out_tongue:

The Sprint should unlock achievements

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