About the Spring Challenge 2024

Hi everyone, I enjoyed a lot the Spring Challenge, and I’d like to finish the last puzzle I was doing. Is there a way to find back my code and the problem statement ?

Here you can play old puzzles in Winter Challenge 2023 and Summer Challenge 2023. https://www.codingame.com/contests/finished

You may can play old puzzles in Spring Challenge 2024 when the leaderboard will be available, I think.

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Thanks a lot !

And my code, is there a way to recover it ? I didn’t have time to record it…

During signup there was an option for a detailed report. If you didn’t disable that you’ll be able to see your code from any stage during the contest. If you disabled the detailed report I don’t believe your code will be viewable.

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I’m so sorry, I didn’t know and I disabled it :sob:
Thank you anyway for your response, and congratulations on your result !!!

I forgot to save my code too, I hope I didn’t disabled the option ^^

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It is already finished! I planned to solve it this week-end…
Too bad :frowning:
I’ll be carefull on next challenge.

It looks like you can still do it, at this adress, by clicking on the event :

Of course it’s less fun…

Hello, I don’t know if it is an error of my account, but i’m following the AI path in my home (the quest map), and in the fourth step (The codingame contests) it asks me to register for a contest. I registered for the Spring Challenge 2024 but it keeps saying that I haven’t registered anything, it says “Register to a contest 0/1”, and of course I not only registered but also obviously participated, solving 4 or 5 exercises of the 9. I also registered for an event that starts on April 1 and nothing. Can someone help me please? or where should I report this?

You probably need to register for an AI contest (i.e. bot contest, not puzzle contest) to satisfy the requirement in AI path.

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I’m reading the description of the fourth step and it doesn’t say anything about it being mandatory to register for an AI contest. In any case, I will take your comment into account. Does anyone else know what the problem could be?

CG staff mentioned in the Discord channel before:

[CG] J3ffx
Not a bug, Summer and Winter challenges are puzzle challenges (giving you the algorithm achievement) meanwhile Fall and Spring challenges are AI bot challenges (thus giving you the AI achievement). Sorry if that was not clear enough :pray:

It makes sense, but the quest map should make it clear.

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I participated in the contest and I don’t appear on the contest leaderboard, does anyone know why?

The relevant leaderboard is here.

For you to appear in the leaderboard you quoted, the prerequisite is that contest gives CodinPoints (CP). But I don’t see CP given in your profile, nor in the profiles of the top players of this contest. (You can check by clicking RANKING in a profile and then clicking the Contests section.) Two possible reasons:

• This contest doesn’t give CP.
• CP hasn’t been updated for all participants yet.

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Well, I guess this contest didn’t have Codepoints, or they haven’t updated the CPs. Does anyone here have that information? I feel that the CondinGame.com portal is abandoned, since on the other hand I am following the Clash of code path, and in the fourth step (TIME TO WIN!) it tells me that I must win, and I win almost all the time, however it continues saying “Win to clashes 0/2”, and I always come in second place or a little less, do I have to come in first place to be considered the winner and complete the step?

About clashes, there is a difference between “win” (be first, with 100% or not) and “solve” (100% whatever you are first or not). About CPs for the contest, we don’t know yet, CG didn’t communicate about that.

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I can say for sure the portal isn’t abandoned, but the staff check the Discord channel more often than they check the forum. You’ll have better luck in getting a response from them if you join the CodinGame Discord server.