Add a Code-golf rank by language


Firstly, congratulation to CodinGame to offer us such a great platform.
It would be very cool if we could see our rank by language in a Code-golf puzzle.
Because each language has its own syntax and library, it’s not very informative to have only one ranking for all the languages. I would really appreciate to see how I stand among contestants using the same language than me.
And I also have a question : do all the solutions, that have the same code size, have the same rank ?
For example if the 4 best solutions sizes are : S, S+1, S+1 and S+2, they should respectively be ranked 1, 2, 2 and 4.




You can filter by language “same as me”. The codingpoints rewarded are computed per language too.

Thanks for your suggestions, we agree that the leaderboard is not perfect for code golf.

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When you rank by language, the number on the left of your profile pic still describe your global ranking and not your ranking in said language, that’s hard for a stats-inclined person like me to get his ranking when I’m the 150th and I have to count from the start.

I’d actually go one step further, and suggest that the leaderboard only makes sense to compare entries with the same language, and that therefore there ought not be a combined leaderboard as there is currently. Comparing the shortest solution in Perl with one in Java doesn’t make any sense due to the overhead of boilerplate. The Java entry may be more skillfully written and relatively more concise, but the Perl entry might still beat it by virtue of the entrant knowing that language rather than a different one. Whilst I appreciate and understand the argument that we are all free to learn Perl and similar languages which work great for golfing, by the same argument you might as well not offer golf to less concise languages.

@adam_hill actually the global ranking in code golf is only cosmetic, each language have already its independent ranking.

Only cosmetic with respect to calculating your profile’s overall Optimization score? That seems to be the case.
My leaderboard ‘rank’ is at about 50%, but my profile optimization score says top 0.1%, so I guess I must not be being penalized for language.

Points accorded for optimization game is done language per language.

You can get points by up to 5 languages. If you play in more than 5 languages, only the five giving the most points count.

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Optimization (code size):
There is a leaderboard per language and the CP gain is per language - so you can no longer win CP on the mixed leaderboard (but it can always be consulted to look for the best language for the puzzle).
any given submission gives a maximum of 200CP.
the formula is : 200^​((N-​C+​1)/​N).
only the 5 best scores for a given puzzle are kept. So, the cap to each puzzle is 1000, by being first in 5 languages.

See this thread (first post) for more informations.

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Would it be possible to have the 5 better solutions (or all of them) displayed per player in the code golf leaderboard ? (or to have one real leaderboard per language (:confused: ) with Every submitted solutions)
[ I think it was like that a few months ago, maybe last year ]

At the moment it is impossible to know our real position in one specific language (and therefore the codingame points related with each solution)

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Hello !

With the release of new golfs, maybe this point could be revived and prioritised ?

Feel a bit awkward to be like 300th when you’re in reality 1st or 2nd in your language.

Moreover, it’s impossible for some languages to even be 1st in any golf (Poor Java :cry: )

Thanks in advance !