Advantages to older players

I have found out the people who have een on CG for a longer period of time have a few seemingly unfair advantages. I think this because there were earlier puzzles like ‘The Paranoid Android’ that were there for some time then taken out and this was a multiplayer puzzle as well. So the older players can get CP from the multi that is now gone and newer players cannot. The older players can also get XP from when it was a Single player

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No one gets CP from puzzles that used to give CP and no longer do. Those CP were removed for everyone, including those who had them earlier.

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There’s a tool to see how each player’s CP is calculated. For example, here’s @Neumann’s info:

If you add the total (34049) to his contest points (20053) then you get his CP: 54102. (It’s actually 54095 at this writing. I’m not sure where the small discrepancy comes from, but I suspect it’s from daily fluctuations.)

Anyway, this is a way to verify that the CP doesn’t include anything that is not available to you. :slight_smile:

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