Advise on improving problem solving

hi guys, i jsut started using this site and i just discovered how bad i am at problem solving. So would like some advice on how i can improve my problem solving skill. thanks

I think first of all you have to understand in which area(s) you find difficulty and/or need improvement.

Problem solving generally involves

  1. Reading the statement
  2. Identifying and analysing the problem
  3. Coming up with possible ideas to solve the problem
  4. Converting the ideas into pseudo-code (i.e. how the inputs should be processed to generate the outputs)
  5. Converting the pseudo-code into working code in a programming language
  6. Testing and debugging your code
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I agree with @5DN1L . You should find to difficulty or need improvement. Which step is problem for you?

  • Understanding the problem?
  • Create a algorithm for solve this?
  • Coding the algoritm?

For the first two options, I suggest you visualize the problem by drawing somewhere. This can be white paper or Paint. Then try to develop the solution on this drawing. Visualize what you will do next step. This method will make it easier for you to develop solutions.

Sometimes you can’t solve a problem all at once. You may need to break the problem down into smaller pieces. Only after solving each small problem can you reach the full solution.

For the last option, you need to develop yourself in a programming language. The more you learn the language, the easier it will be to code the solution.

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