Algomius : From Algorithm to Python implementation


Like many people this year, I had free time at the beginning of this year. I decided to learn Python after 15 years coding mainly in C/C++ and Java. In parallel I tested the Python functionalities in codingame. This puzzles forced me to find always more ways to solve them. I must say, I really enjoyed doing it in Python.

But I was a bit frustrated. Sometimes I spent many time on a problem, I solved it and simply jump to another one, without saving the solution. I wanted to keep trace of this solutions, so I decided to start a youtube channel called Algomius.

At the first time I posted some videos about Pythons. I wanted to be as simple as possible. I wanted to explain the concept in a first step and then show a possible implementation in Python. I noticed that programmers use mainly complicated words to explain simple things so I’ve tried to be as simple as possible.

After the Python videos I started to explain some Algorithms. You won’t find the resolution of codingame puzzles on my channel but I try to describe the principles of algorithms which are the base of many problems (sorting, graphs…).

My goal is to understand how an algorithm works and then make a video to save this understanding. Many people on codingame are probably in the same case.

This videos are in french at this moment because french is my mother langage. It is my first experience in videos and as a teacher too, so feel free to send comments to tell me what could be better.

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Algomius Youtube channel :

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If you click RESULTS button inside the IDE you can see the submitted solutions.