Amadeus "Unleash The Geek" challenge information

Amadeus is the leading technology company dedicated to the global travel industry and we’re proud to partner with them once again.

Every year, Amadeus organizes an internal coding challenge “Unleash the Geek” for its tech teams. This internal challenge happened last Thursday and Friday. Amadeus has chosen to share the game with the whole community.

CodinGame won’t share any of your personal data with Amadeus. Only the 3 winners’ emails will be shared with Amadeus (for the prizes).

  1. Simple Random Search in C# by @Illedan on Saturday 5 at 4pm utc
  2. Wood to Silver in Python3 by @Icebox on Monday 7 at 4pm utc
  3. Starting from Scratch in Javascript by @thibpat on October 8, 9, 10, 11 between 6:15 and 7:15 am utc (
  4. Discovering Amadeus UTG in Haskell by @JBM on October 8 at 7pm utc (
  5. Messing around on CodinGame in Kotlin by @nihiL1 everyday at 12am utc (
  6. @Aveuh’s stream?
  7. @_CG_Thibaud’s stream?

Interested in streaming? Let me know: call for streamers