Hello everybody,
In a clash code I was proposed to test whether two words are anagrams or not. Anagrams are words with the same letters, ignoring the case, I presume in the same numbers, but not necessarily in the same order. It was supposed that both words were already verified in a dictionary.
As a practical protocol, two words separated by a space are received on an input line, and the program must display 1 if the two words are anagrams, 0 if not.
On the first approach I used two Dictionary<char, int>, begun by initializing them with all letters of the alphabet, and then increased with each letter found in the words.
After that, I realized it is possible to make a three times lighter program.
Perhaps somebody will make even better ?
I just give you the contents of my main() function, only System appears in the references.

		string[] inputs = Console.ReadLine().ToLower().Split(' ');
		string mot1 = inputs[0];
		string mot2 = inputs[1];

		char[] c1 = mot1.ToCharArray();
		char[] c2 = mot2.ToCharArray();


		Console.WriteLine(new string(c1) == new string(c2) ? "1" : "0");

sort and compare? It will give you wrong answer.

You passed the tests without difficulty and still print solutions in the forum.
Do you want to brag how smart you are?
If you think that you help people by solving problems for them, then you are harming - they don’t learn to solve problem themselves.
Don’t brag.
Ask help only if you have some troubles with CodinGame-task.

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