Animation in the console

sometimes puzzle doesn’t have animation and it might be useful and fun to be able to made one in the console in ascii art :).
My issue is that i don’t know how to clear the console :confused: . Maybe someone among this forum knows :slightly_smiling: !!
ps: i try system(“clear”) and system(“clr”) but it don’t work…

The console is cleared at the beginning of every step of a puzzle, though?

The console output is redirected into a flat file, rather than a view buffer–which is why animation isn’t really an option here.

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As you say it is possible to clear the console because it’s done in some puzzle like the one with the mountain. So maybe we just have to delete this file or empty it ?

The Mountain one… I’m guessing you are referring to the Star Trek one where they are removing the mountains in the way…

In that case, you have an animation AND a console. You’ll notice that when you put messages into stderr, they will show up (slightly differently) than the messages you put onto stdout.

The animations in the Star Trek mountain one, takes your output onto stdout, and then uses that as the controls for what the ship does.

Essentially, the mountain one (and other animation ones) work via you feeding input into another program. With the animations not being the console–so much as something that interacts with the console.

If you DO want some kind of animation for the puzzles that do not make use of them… you likely are going to need to make a browser extension that reads what is put onto the console for Codin Game puzzles. You are not going to be able to animation in the actual Codin game puzzles themselves.