Any plan to add Rust language?

Hello, would it be possible to add Rust support ?

compiled language
no garbage collector overhead

zero-cost abstractions
move semantics
guaranteed memory safety
threads without data races
trait-based generics
pattern matching
type inference
minimal runtime
efficient C bindings

Is there any ways that the community can help with the addition of a new language support ?


Having rust in codingame would be wonderfull, please add it!!

I think it is an especially good alternative to C (and in some case C++), and not yet another language (the learning curve is a bit steep but that makes it even more fun for a coding game).

Like stok say, if you need any help from community please ask.

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One of the big cost that we user can identify when adding a new language to CG are the “write the starter programm” costs. So maybe if we want to support rust, we might post a few contributions to that in here. Maybe with a link to the game we try to answer, and a link to the RUST code that we think answers it.

I myself being a beginer, if i try to participate to that show of interest for the CG platform supporting RUST (and i’ll most certainly will once i have some time to do that), i very well might make lots of mistakes. So my proposition would need to be discussed (and i hope some other will try too). The like system in here might be used to upvote the best ones (à la stackoverflow up vote system).

Propositing those starter programs for each and every CG challenge we can have heard of would be a very nice way to show how much we would love to see the language added, with some sweat to back our demand.

Also, if things go wrong (like they don’t want to add rust support) we would have at least had a great time exchanging around the language, and maybe it’ll make some new people around here to grow interest for it.

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For instance tutorial start code should be :
(use of unwrap() on result is a bit dirty but it keeps code short, and of course pop at each readline (readline include the \n)).

Edit : a nicer version :

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Rust FTW ! Please add it :smiley:

Rust is amazing, please add it! :smiley:

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It would be so AWESOME if CodinGame added it like … today … Oh!

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Nah I don’t think so, I heard they wanted to add Swift today. 2 languages at the same time? That would be so AWESOME!

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Nice way to tease it :smiley:
I guess I can close this thread.

You dear CG staff are awesome, 100%, brofist :facepunch:

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