Any Plans for personalized Profile URL

Is there any plan to implement the Profile URL which can be personalized e.g

now it is something like

but if it could be personalized then, this one would look very cool and easy to remember and share


We’ll change it to a fixed URL yes, but not with your username in it, because it will cause an issue every time you want to change your username


and now is there a possibility to change it?

This feature request is quite old but I would love to see it come to life.
I think it would be a great fit to show off your codingame’s accomplishment on a resume.
At the moment, I don’t think a long string unique id at the end of the url is usable in that matter
Could there be a way to implement a dynamic url ( the way linkedin does or by using the profile’s username ) to identify a user’s profile page ?
I would very much like it
Thank you for you concern