Any plans for translation to other languages?

At this moment I saw that the web is translated to English and French.
Any plans for another languages to increase the user base?

May be a community collaborative project (like in a lot of opensource projects), with some PO and MO files.
I can help with Spanish (my mother language). With Spanish and Russian you can add a lot of potential new users. I said Russian because I saw a lot of actively players from East Europe.

According to Wikipedia there are like 500 million people with Spanish as their native language, and about 150 million russians. French is between 80 and 110 million.

I think a translated web is a plus for some people.


I can help with Dutch and Swedish :+1:

I agree with @Marchete, the community can help CondinGame have more languages.

I’m currently involved in a course that teaches programming to high school students and I’m considering to use CodinGame in one of my lectures.

The visual of a game running your code is much more appealing than a terminal :slight_smile:
The only problem would be the platform’s language :disappointed:

I support the idea and I can help with Portuguese translation.


I’m sad about that Russian language wasn’t added, becouse I’m Russian :ru: and for me hard to translate all. Sorry for my bad English maybe.

Don’t waste your time “helping” people this way, you are just locking them in their ignorance. If you really want to help them on the long run, just teach them English. It is actually more useful for coding than learning a programming language. As a bonus, they would understand song lyrics better.

Actually thinking about translating for kids that are still learning English.