Any rewards for multiplayer "training" games?

Hey all, just wondering if there are any rewards or points for playing the multiplayer “training” games like PR1.

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No, not yet. But that would be a good idea to add achievements there… We’ll think about it.

Shameless bump. I was just about to create the same topic.

So, have you thought about it? Right now it seems multiplayer training games are the only part of the whole site without any reward system, so there’s really no reason to participate in “old” contests.

I am all for this. I would still work on my AI for the training if I could get achievements for it. Maybe have an achievement for getting to 1st, 10th, 50th and 100th place.

There already are such achievements, but the problem is they are only for non-training contests and are handled globally. You get the 100th place achievement once and that’s it, no matter how many contests you actually participate in.