Are there any blind developers like me?

Hello all,
I’m new on CodinGame and I’m totally blind and italian!
I specify the first thing because I’m looking for some totally blind players that could give me some tips to navigate this platform better then now and also some tricks to solve the puzzle more faster than now.
The second information is useful to say sorry for my not perfect english :slight_smile:
Thank you for all your help!


I’m not blind.

In fact, I would say that I’m a visual kind of person, always drawing on paper to clarifying things up. If it was up to me, I would only recruit people on their ability to draw nice looking UML diagrams with well traced boxes which are properly rectangular. However, nobody put me in charge of recruiting and it is probably for the best.

To be able to code without sight somewhat escapes me. I know blind developer exist, that there are tools for them, but still, it seems to me like an incredible feat to code without seeing. I’ve made some researches on Internet to get better grasp of how it can be done and found these two links (here and here). Quite amazing.

I don’t how how much accessible is Codingame website, including their online IDE. I do hope it is enough for you, but in case you struggle with it, I’m pretty sure you can find helping hands using the chat. You just need to clic on this little arrow on the bottom right corner of the web page, the one which doesn’t show when your browser window is too small by the way… However, I suspect a dedicated chat application probably better fits your tastes. The site FAQ has all the necessary information to configure it. Finding this FAQ is another matter though and even people with perfect eyesight have trouble finding it.

Ti auguro buona fortuna.


I’m sorry i don’t have any advice for you for this platform, i just had a teacher at Epitech which was completely blind so i know it’s possible to code while being blind, maybe talking with the main developpers of codingame could be usefull for you if there is problem to read the information on the page, or using a js script to re organise the page layout.

Anyway, a big cheer to you and all the blind developpers in the world !


Thank you Aries, you shared two nice links that explain very well what we can do as developers!
The platform is quite usable and accessible but the problem is that it could change with any combination between OS, browser and screen reader!
I would know others blind because, for example, using Windos 10, Opera and Narrator Codingame could be better and I never will try this combination because, form me, it is very improbable that works better of mine!
So if you considering only combinations between OS and browser, you can suspect that there are too much configuration that I could try before to find the best!
As Thibaud knows, the first experience was worst because I would use Windows 10+FireFox+NVDA, I tried Chrome and it worked better!
However I will not play 5 minutes battle at the best because in this time, probably, I’m still reading/understanding the rule! LOL

At this moment, however, I’m playing quite confortable using an external editor and copy the code into the platform’s editor, the biggest problem that I found is that I can’t read anything that explain because a code as 90% of score and not 100%!
I’m going out of my mind for the temperature’s puzzle and the -10% score that I can’t take to raise the 100%!

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