ASCII value

The ascii value of a char variable can be known using the int() function.
Is there a way to do the same for each character of a string datatype?

For eg. string var=starwars;
How can I print the ascii values of all the characters of string variable ‘starwars’ using some cpp functionality?

for (int x : var) { …

And you are 2 days too late for a star wars reference :wink:

I’m sorry, I don’t get it. Could you please elaborate?
I’m not sure if you read the problem right, or maybe it’s just that I don’t understand the solution! So if you could give it another shot.

And for the star wars reference, it’s still on my mind even though it’s been 2 days.
MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! :slight_smile:

I didn’t know your exact print format so I let it to you. But this should work:

string var = "starwars";
for (int x : var) {
    cout << x << endl;
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Alright, I got it.
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: