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Hi! I m CodingBrat And I m A Beginner in Python
Can Anyone Please Suggest Me Which is easy exercise to practice here

hi CodingBrat, welcome!

I suggest to look at the easy trainings page. Each training has a pourcentage of success that should help you to find out which training is easier than others (higher is the pourcentage, easier the training should be).

The fun part is to write bots. CSB is indicated as one of the first ones to try out.

Here is my subjective list of the easiest and nicest among the easy ones (almost half of the easy trainings. but that lets many topics to choose):

  • 1D bush fire
  • add’em up
  • ASCII art
  • auto pickup
  • balanced ternary computer
  • blowing fuse
  • brick in the wall
  • bulk email generator
  • Chuck Norris
  • credit card verifier with Luhn’s algorithm
  • Dolbear’s law
  • happy numbers
  • horse-racing duals
  • horse-racing hyperduals
  • ISBN check digit
  • Jack Silver: the casino
  • mars lander - ep1
  • may the triforce be with you!
  • MIME type
  • nature of quadrilaterals
  • power of Thor - ep1
  • self-driving car testing
  • smooth!
  • temperatures
  • text formatting
  • the descent
  • the river - ep1
  • the river - ep2
  • unit fractions
  • Van Eck’s sequence
  • what’s so complex about Mandelbrot?
  • XML MDF-2016

to start playing with grids:

  • pirate’s treasure
  • detective Pikaptcha - ep1
  • lumen
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