Auto-completion in the IDE and code review

Hello dear community,

just a few word on myself: I am a programming newbie who got a few programming lectures in C a while ago in the french technician school (calld IUT). I very rarely code in my job and I discovered this site as a nice tool to exercise programming logic.

This lead me to my 2 questions:

  1. Is there a way to enable auto-code-completion? (I do not know is this is the right name). I decided to write in C# as this is relatively high-level, less a pain-in-the-arse than C (goodbye malloc(), welcome CLR) and i played a bit around in Visual Studio a while ago. From the IDE, and as a rookie, I liked the auto-completion of the instructions (ctrl+spacebar) and the fact that all available properties and methods of a given object are listed after using a ‘.’. This made my life a bit easier as I program a bit blindly (aka. I do not know what I do '^^). Now I lose a lot of time on MSDN looking for those infos.

  2. Is there a possibility in the community to have more experienced users get a look on a functioning solution? The “Read before posting” thread specifies that posting code here is not “best practice” so I doubt this will be possible. I asked as I code with my limited knowledge and I and the gut feeling some instructions could be simplified / optimized / reduced. I usualy end up with possibly too long code with a lot of (too much?) “if”, two consecutive “for” loops with the same ammount of iterations or a low modularity with very few additional methods. The glimpse of an “experienced” coder could provide useful to improve. Is this something wanted?

Thanks a lot in advance :wink:

To begin with, thanks for reading the ** “Read before posting”** topic, I was wondering if anyone was reading it :slight_smile: for yours questions:

  1. autocompletion, nope, not yet, but you can use codingameSync (search on the forum to find the topic) to use an external editor like Atom or SublimeText which have autocompletion.

  2. Not yet either, you can’t post full code on the forum because some users will just copy paste the solution without trying to solve it by themselves. CG is planning to do specific topic to share which will be only accessible to people that finish 100% a game.

For 1) and 2), CG is currently redoing its IDE, so maybe the feature that you’re looking for will come soon :wink: In the meantime, keep coding!


Thanks a lot for the fast answer and for clearing that up :slight_smile: And you are welcome for the “Read before posting” thread. Let’s just say it is always easy to leave a bad first impression on a forum, and it is as easy to prevent it - assuming one can read :stuck_out_tongue:

I can only say I support the initiative of the Challenge-specific toppics for whoever finished a level with 100%. Being able to have one’s code “reviewd” (or simply get feedback on it) could be a great way for newcomers to progress.

Have a great day

  1. Damn it, there is an autocompletion system most of the time! But sometimes the system goes off and we have to wait for an admin to turn it on again :smiley:

So the C# completion will be available in a few days ^^’

  1. The code review is under progress in the CG lab, so wait and see !
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Thanks SaiksyApo. I did nto know the auto completion existed. This explains why I could see an (empty) field, and this is a very good news.


I think I remember autocompletion now that you mentionned it, but I know the past few days/weeks it didn’t work for me so I forgot about it

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Bad news:
Autocompletion does exist but there is an issue about it.
As for code review, this is not possible yet.

Good news:
The new IDE will be delivered really soon. With this delivery, you will enjoy autocompletion again.
For code review, the new IDE is a must have before adding new features related to it. I think that you will soon find a feature that will meet your needs.


Sweet, teaser-like information on random topic, nice! :sunglasses:

Regarding the auto-completion, this should be better with the new IDE but not perfect: I don’t think we’ve fixed the bug with the C# auto-complete mechanism, but the local auto-complete provided by ACE should help. It’s a complex system.

And regarding the code review, we have the design but we haven’t started to develop the feature yet. This week you should see the new IDE and next week (or the week after?), you should see new features in the IDE.

Thanks a lot for the additional infos. I like the new IDE, and can’t wait to get feedback on my code :wink:

Keep up the good work.

PS: is there a way to get from the forum profile to the Codingame profile of a coder?

Nope, been waiting for this feature for a long time, but since most user use the same usernames here and as condingamers (myself included) you can look their name on the leaderboard to find their profile.

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Thanks lot :slight_smile:

Is there an issue with Java autocompletion? I don’t see it anymore (using Chrome) and I am pretty sure it was there before…