Autobots are ruining multiplayer

Automatic codingame bots are ruining multiplayer. They’re almost always either the only one to answer or the last one to answer, no in-between, resulting in ruining rating system.

From this blogpost:

So we designed bots with predefined levels to mimic players’ behavior. During a Clash, the bots copy a previous submission (code and duration) of a real player according to their level. Put simply, a bot with a high level will copy a random previous submission taken randomly in the top submissions for that Clash. There are bots of all levels but the probability of encountering a medium-level bot is higher.

In reality they feel way weirder. There was a lot of clashes with tasks that even people from top 100 can’t solve, but bot does it with 100% at 5 mins, meanwhile there’s a lot of tasks that everyone solves in a 5 minutes at max, but bot gets 0% for whatever reason. My suggestion is either make an opportunity to disable queueing with bots or to force bots leaving the lobby if there’s 3 players.

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