Autumn AI 2020

Inspired by thibpat’s initiative, I am launching an unofficial contest “Autumn AI 2020” on CodinGame. This is a seven-day contest from 2020-09-11T18:15:00Z2020-09-18T18:15:00Z. The main motive is to involve existing members in a previous contest game where there is low participation as well as bring new members [especially from my university] to the community.

At the start of the contest, I’ll share which existing multiplayer is chosen, and the goal will be to climb the leader board. The game for the contest will be chosen according to the two criteria’s:
i) The game has the least number of pre-existing bots from the list of registered contestants.
ii) The overall difficulty of the game is suitable enough for the new players to have their first bots successfully submitted. [Holds more priority for this contest]

The leader board will be published on this page : and updated every hour. In order to appear in the leaderboard you should share your codingame username using this google form . We’re already close to 300 participants!

If you’ve registered and want your username taken down from the leaderboard, feel free to send me a message on codingame or on discord !

Hope this will inspire future contest. ( ╹▽╹ )


Genially !