Back to code : why is it so long to rank?


The first few days the ranking was quite fast : after around one hour, I was to my former position and when the ranking was at 100%, I was in the correct place. Now, it is very long : I am at 100% but 300 places behind my normal place. I had to wait the entire night to come back to my normal place. So, it is really hard to test a bot. Do you know why ?

My guess is that there is more bots, which makes it harder to get an accurate ranking. Also if there are other people who have submitted their bot at the same time then you will end up fighting them and they will scew the ranking system.

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Well, in that case, there should not be a full ranked result at 100%, this percentage should increase slower.

The “100%” only means that you have reached the minimum amount of matches but your bot will continue to play against other players. The problem is the following: if we increase the number of matches that will increase significantly the time required to rank the players, like, a lot. So we have just decided to add matches to people ranked in the top 300, every hour.

Ok, thanks for your answer. I have sent an other bot and the ranking was mush more faster. Maybe the server was overloaded as a lot of new players entered the game :slight_smile:

We never had so much participants to a multiplayer contest, we bought new servers to compute the matches but it will probably be long during the last day to be ranked.

On that note it would be great if you could continue matches for another 2-3 days after the submission deadline to ensure that everyone gets ranked correctly.


It’s long because I think that it’s a kind of a Monte Carlo algo.