Bender Score Submit Bug

Hi everybody,

I’ve got a problem with Bender (medium level).
When I submit my score, the second test (obstacles) is not validated but it does work when I launch myself the second test in the code window

Any idea ?

If I understand you correctly your test cases work, but the validation does not? That is because the validation tests are not the same as the test cases. This is to prevent hard coding for the test cases and such. If you are not hard coding your solution, then there may be one extreme situation that you are just missing. Does it run all the test cases successfully?

Yes all the test cases are validated when I launch it from the code editor.
But when I submit the score I get only 92% because the second test is not validated, although it runs perfectly in the code editor. And I don’t hard code my solution…

I think there’s a bug in the validation process.