Best Method?

Well, i’m still rather new to the programming life style. I want to learn python and from there java and then all C, but maybe more towards C++. I want to be able to make games online and console. Can anyone recommend me to a method? I have an app called Sololearn. They have many languages that can be learned at ones own pace. Is this the best method i don’t really know. I’ve managed to get a basic grasp but in order to do so i would need a constant internet flow which i just don’t have and its irritating to say the least.

u can start with which provides u with the simplest graphical library to create a window and draw some stuff in it like lines, circles or pictures
what u really need now is a lot of practice with any language, becoz it’s easy to switch to another language when u’re already skilled in one


Thank you, but which language should I start with? Python, Java, Javascript, C sharp, C+, C++, or Something else?