Best of 5 matches in pending multis

Currently, submits in pending multis (contributions not yet validated) are processed as 50 matches, but they are group as 5 matches in a row against the same opponent, which count as a single match for the ranking.

For the purpose of balancing a multi, it would be useful to have more accurate ranking. 10 matches is really not enough, and BO5 is just throwing some information away. I believe just disabling it and playing 50 matches would give more significant results.


BO5 is useless, i don’t know why we have BO5 in pending multis. For some multi, 2 matches are required because of asymetric game parameters, but that’s all (i suppose it should be a configuration parameter for the contributor).

I agree that BO5 should be removed.

We even have BO5 in official multiplayers with no leagues (see Platinum Rift 2).
Btw is there any chance to get leagues for the last 2 multiplayer games without (PR2, Back to the code)? There is more than enough time to add one league each week before the next contest.


[Sorry for late reply here]

In light of all that has been said, we will be removing the BO5 comepletely for now. It may return for special cases.

However, those battles that would have been played for the BO5 will simply never be executed, so the ranking won’t be particularly more accurate. Today, the battle count increments by 1 when a BO5 is complete.

Keep in mind that the previews are supposed to be just that, and not an accurate way of measuring bot performance. The 10 battles were there to give you a “taste” and to be honest I did not expect those battles to be heavily relied upon “For the purpose of balancing a multi”.

I’ll release this as soon as possible, and we can talk further about maybe adding more battles to the preview once it’s up.