Best unlocked achievements

Hi there @G_Rom @MaximeC and @SaiksyApo,
I was wondering what is considered in the ‘best achievement unlocked’ category?
The three that are showing for me are:

  • I can speak this language (50CP)
  • 100% Mars Lander - Level 3 (750CP)
  • Babylon Tower (130CP)

Since Mars Landers rewards many CP, I thought it was the most expensive achievements, but since then I saw I can speak this language which is not expensive but hard to get, so I thought it was the hardest to get achievements, then I saw Babylon Tower, which is way easier to get.

So what is the calculation behind? Are all three slots calculated separately? I had Hundreds are behind me before it get replaced by I can speak this language, so maybe that slot is for competition? Or is it only rarest achievement, which means more people got Hundreds are behind me than Babylon Tower?

Thanks a lot in advance, and while I’m on this topic, I’d love to have a way to sort all achievement by rarity in the view all achievements panel rather than category (with a toogle to switch back to category if needed)

In fact, achievements which are easier to understand for non CodinGamer are push forward. This is why “I can speak this language” is on this list.
The goal is to avoid 3 achievements with hard puzzle names in the list : they are not really easy to understand. We prefer saying : “you have mastered 3 languages”, “you are a good competitor in contest” or “You have solved 3 difficult puzzles” than saying “you have succeeded to this puzzle and this one”.

What about a different pool for each slot? Like I suggested, one pool for competition skills, one pool for rarest puzzle done and one pool for language. Is it already the case?

Can you tell me us more about it? :slight_smile:

For now this is not the case. Each achievement has a weight and ones with the better weights are displayed, with a special behavior for language achievements.

But this can be a good idea to make some slots or categories :wink:

So currently, which are the best weight possible? I mean theorically if I have all achievements, which three will be displayed?

I guess it’s 1st contest, 1st contest language and 3+ hard puzzle if i remember, GRom will confirm asap.

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