Better (bigger?) scrollbar for Tests window


I participated in the There Is No Spoon contest and I did not realize that there were more than 4 tests for the second question.

I happily submitted my code, thinking that it passed all test cases, only to realize there were more than 4 tests. What I didn’t notice was the scrollbar present in the Tests window which allowed me to access the other test cases.

Maybe I’m not the only one being fooled by this. Are there any plans to tell players there is more than 4 tests available?

Thanks, Julien

Well a good practice is to hit “Play all tests” button everytime to be sure you don’t miss anything.

I agree it can be disturbing so maybe a popup “You haven’t done all tests, are you sure to submit” would be useful or something similar

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I assume you’re a new Codingamer to not notice that before the contest (while doing some puzzles :p).

Anyway, I take that into account, thanks for your feedback.

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