Better support for Ocaml : can we help?


I’m quite limited actually on my use of CG with Ocaml.

My feedback is :

  • a good effort is made to use a quite recent version of the compiler : thank you ! :smile:
  • some old posts about Ocaml are remaining without real answers :pensive:
    • possibility to use std libs (String, Mutex …)
    • native compilation etc …

I’m sure, CG is already doing his best for supporting so many language, my question is :

Can we help ?

Is there a way to collaborate with you in a way that will not be time consuming for CG, and help in improving languages support ?

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First, I’d like to apologize for the lack of reactions from us on certain topics. Indeed, maintaining so many languages sometimes reveals to be quite arduous.

One of our main objectives this year is to give the power to the community. CodinGame is your platform and we want to allow you to improve it.
For now, I’m afraid this is almost impossible for you to help us on this topic, but I’ll see with the dev team what could be done.