Blog : english and french

A few months ago, I noticed that the french blog is not updated as often as the english blog. I would say that the most interesting posts only appear on the english blog. Not that surprising, as the target audience for this website is not limited to french people.

However, I had to change the language in which the site is displayed to get default access to the english version of the blog. I suggest that french members should get the french and the english posts available in the same feed. Or at least let them know that there is an english blog :slight_smile:

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I switched to english the day i learned that there is more features in english. It’s sad for the french language :frowning:

I thought I was only missing the blog posts when I was still in french. What other features was I missing before that ?

As an example for people who might not have seen it : only ~10 lines of Recar’s explanations at the end of “Back to the code” were translated to french. The english blog post was much more informative about his strategy !

As far as i know, in english you also have a quick quizz at the end of a solo puzzle asking you “why are you here ?”. I don’t know if there is more.

I’m surprised that there are still people speaking french, I actually thought it was an old language like Latin or ancient Greek, oh well sorry as a french guy i’m not really aware of what’s going on in the world :slight_smile:

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As you have noticed, we’re almost exclusively writing our blog posts in English lately. For this reason, the blog link will also redirect our users using French to the blog in English.
We’ve assumed that most of our French readers can read in English anyway.
The french blog is still available at this url though if you want to read old articles.


So, if you no longer want to write post in French, why translate the title in the notification ?
It’s confusing…

I’m French and I can get by reading in English (but writing, it’s not quite sure… Sorry…).
But for some posts a little bit “technical”, I would rather a French translation by someone who knows the subject, to understand everything.