Bracket not closing when it is closed

I am having an issue where I have tried to close a bracket. I am learning Computer Science in school and I am new to coding games and such and I need help. I have no clue how to fix this issue and If needed I am using Python 3 because we are using Python in school.

There is no way to put my issue in depth but the bracket is closed but the system is not registering it as closed. " “(” was not closed" has anyone else had this issue using python or another form of code?

What do you mean? Do you mean that you see an error of “bracket not closing” when you try to run your code? If so, you should trust the error message because it is rarely wrong. You may PM me your code to take a look if necessary.

In the control panel it tells me that theres a “syntax error” I check the line of code and the only mistake it says there is is “bracket not closed” but the brackets are there. both of them are. But there might be some flaw in the code i dont know about.

Very likely.