Browser does not refresh when Clash of Code starts

hi guys,
Not sure exactly where to post this, anyway: whenever I join a new CoC, my browser does not refresh anymore when the countdown is zero. I tried on Edge 93.0.961.52 and Firefox 78.12.0esr and both show a frozen page when the CoC starts. I have to manually refresh the page and accept the reload of page so as to go the CoC. Do you know what kind of settings should be configured to have the “auto refresh” enabled when the CoC starts?

This configuration should work fine :


Clashs not starting when the timer ends is a known recurrent issue on our side. It seems to be working now. Do you know if anyone else had the issue?

:slight_smile: It obviously works, but several CoC are based on speed and the timer seems global to all participants. So it’s somehow uncool to lose time refreshing on startup compared to other participants who don’t have the issue when the CoC is in “fastest mode”.

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I’ve just had the problem, two times this evening. I was 1920th, I am 3050th with 2 COC lost.