Budding Examiner achievement

I’m missing something reasonably straightforward, I’m sure, but exactly what action is it that I need to take to get the “budding examiner” achievement? Where am I going to rate a solution?


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Oh, I found it. When you solve a puzzle there’s a link like “learn from the best solutions” which you can click and see two presented side by side, and you pick the one you like the best. Hmm. That was not so easy to find. I’m level 31 and had to really search for it.


Hi everybody. I’m trying to complete the achievements for bronze, but I’m kind of stuck. I don’t understand how to complete the “Budding examiner”, what’s a “ranking of puzzle solutions” or how do I do it? I hope someone can help.


Please kindly search the forum to see if a question has been asked previously before you ask next time. Thanks.

I’ve moved your post to this thread.

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Thanks for the help! I tried to find similar questions, but apparently I didn’t search well enough.

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