Bug 27/10/2020

Hello, I think there’s a bug!
My code is good, yet the third check does not pass when I submit my code!
Please, fix that ! :slight_smile:

We don’t know what puzzle you talk about.
You can use the topic of the puzzle or create it (with a more explicit name) if it doesn’t exist.

@Vicoudou like said above we don’t know what puzzle you’re talking about.
Most of the puzzles have a dedicated thread, accessible on the forum or directly from the IDE or the puzzle’s page. So please use this topic, or, if it doesn’t already exist (For some old puzzles) create it with an EXPLICIT TITLE.
Furthermore, the puzzles are tested before validation, and most of them have already been validated by some (thousands) of coders, a bit less for the most recent/hard, but anyway.
So I advise you to read again the statement, and to double-check your code before posting again. (On that subject. You’re of course welcome for other questions.)

Let’s just take that as a troll :upside_down_face: