[BUG] ASCII Art validation

Validation script for ASCII Art puzzle crashes on test case 5 (not a blocking issue for most languages). Error message is:

/tmp/Tester.sh: line 25: unexpected EOF while looking for matching ``'
/tmp/Tester.sh: line 29: syntax error: unexpected end of file

Steps to reproduce in apparently any language:

  • open ASCII Art puzzle
  • open test case popup list
  • unfold test case no 5
  • click “Send to IDE”
  • click “Play Testcase”


  • load any test case in “Custom”
  • replace a character from a “row” with ` (grave accent / “backquote”)
  • click “Play testcase”

Although it works fine for most languages, it seems to completely prevent validating in Clojure. A few blank lines and the following message are also appended to program output.

Found: End of line (\n)
Expected: Nothing

The grave accent seems to be injected directly into the validating script, causing Bash to fail validation.

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Thanks a lot, we will fix it soon.

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