[BUG] Certification, number of puzzles solved cannot be seen

There’s now a certification system, which is a nice touch.

The problem is, on your own profile, you cannot see the number of puzzles solved in a specific language anymore.
You can only see it on the profile of other users.
I did the Python certification, hoping that after that I could see my number of puzzles, but it’s even worse, now neither me nor the other users can see it. I cannot find this information anywhere.

So please, fix this, we are a bunch of people here who are really into puzzles and the number of puzzles solved is something that matters, it’s what motivates us to solve more puzzles!


Discover that this morning too.
You still have the information in the json for the moment (countSolvedPuzzlesByProgrammingLanguage)

With all these new features it would be nice to keep a post with the announcement of them so we don’t miss them or accidentally discover them thinking it’s a bug


Thanks for the json tip, it’s a more intricate and obfuscated way of getting the information but at least it works.

We’re discussing this internally. Thanks for reporting the regression.

We released it with no communication on purpose. Helps to check how the feature is naturally discovered and used (and also to fix last-minute bugs). A proper communication will be done later

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We’ll add back this info (nb of puzzles solved in a language) and also update the wording “unknown level” which is definitely not cool

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the update has been released.