[Bug] Contribution status change

When updating one’s contribution, the panel in the upper right does not seem to update. For example editing it from “WIP” to “Ready” leaves the “The creator is still working on the contribution” box there.

I’ve filed the issue in our tracker. I doubt this will be fixed quickly as it is very minor (only impacts the author and fixed with a refresh).

I’ve put back your contrib as draft. Please don’t use contribs as bug reports. Just tag me here if you’ve got no news from me.

Is this a joke?
You’ve literally asked me which of my bug old reports were still valid!

for the record, we discussed this on the chat:

I didn’t understand the contrib was just a test to check the bug was still valid as the contrib was still up after 2 hours and asking for upvotes.

You’re right to be angry at us for not properly taking your bug reports into account; I’m sorry for that and I’ll try not to miss new ones (don’t hesitate to ping me). That’s not an excuse for playing with the contribution system.