Bug in Langtons Ant

There is an old bug in the Langton’s Ant multiplayer. I sent a message to the creator months ago:

Hi, there is a bug in Langton’s Ant. The ant doesnt move during the second game if it went off the grid in the first game. The bug is in the variable: touche_bord. It gets set to true when the ant goes off grid, but is not set back to false when the game reinits. Therefore the ant cannot move.
Let us know if you can fix it. Otherwise we will try to fix it if there is no response within a few days.
Here is an example replay: https://www.codingame.com/replay/440023458
Thanks in advance!

eulerscheZahl and I decided to fix it. Euler added this line in a new contribution (in black)

private void reinit(){ // Réinitialse tout à la fin du premier round
touche_bord=new boolean[]{false,false};

This resets the ant so it can move again.

However, apparently only the creator can edit a multiplayer contribution. It’s just a single line of code. We would much appreciate if someone could look at this.


hum, seems like a bug that moderators can’t edit multiplayer contribs. Thank you for reporting it.

I’ll update the game manually


What about very old puzzles?

This is another story, way harder to fix I’m afraid (and way more annoying to fix manually :frowning: )

I found a fantastic background for my barnyard puzzle. :sunglasses:

In case some unfixable old ones really need a fix, would replacing the old one by a new submission a viable option?