[BUG] Indiana Level 3 EX values in testcase 1, 3

For the puzzle ‘Indiana Level 3’, my program passed all Test cases in
IDE. But my program didn’t pass the test case 1 and 3 in validation mode.
In the replays, the X coordinate of the exit
(highlighted square) seems to be incorrect. Please check the EX field
in the testcase 1 and 3.

Yes you are quite right there was a problem with the validation tests. But good news, we’ve fixed them. Just submit your code again and things should work fine.
Thank you for pointing this problem out.

Very impressive work, by the way :smile:

I submitted my program, but I couldn’t find the bug is fixed.

Okay. I think I fixed it for realz this time. :wink:

It seems that the bug has not been fixed by now.

How embarrasing, the validators were cached.
My modifications are now definitely taken into account - so it’s fixed now… It’s gotta be!

It’s fixed. My program passed the validation test. Thank you.