Bug: invalid date in event calendar


I see a bug in Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better

Here is a screenshot showing the invalid dates:

It’s not a problem for me, but I signal it if you weren’t aware of the issue.

Have a nice day,

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The dates are shown correctly for me :thinking:

I just checked again. I don’t have the bug in Brave, but I get it in Firefox (normal and private navigation).

Well, I use Firefox :thinking: Something in your Firefox breaks the dates for you, perhaps?

I retried in private navigation, without adblockers, I still have this behavior.

I’m using Firefox 98.0.2 / Linux.

Any idea ? (This is not a blocking point for me, and if I’m the only impacted person, we may close the issue as well :wink: )

thanks for reporting this. Another user reported the same kind of issue in Discord

Tell me if I can do something to help.

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