Bug report - league not promoted in bot programming game

Hi, sorry for the new topic but i don’t know where to report bugs.

I defeated the gold boss at MPR, since yersterday, with a message i’d change league at 22h24, then 4h34, then 10h34 … but i’m still in gold league and better than the boss.
What can I do ?
Thank you for your answers.



It’s a known bug unfortunately. Sometimes, some promotions get stuck. A workaround is to submit again (with the risk of not getting above the boss).
I’ve unblocked the 3 players who were stuck in their promotion.

Ok thank you, now I can see “Passage en Ligue Légende dans : 05H 31MN 30SC”


I finished first in the Bronze league and before the boss, but i cant access to the silver league…


You are talking about Mad Pod Racing, right? I think you have been promoted to Silver League.

Yes, i just had to launch again my code but now its good !

Thanks for your reactivity, have a good day :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’ve beaten the boss in Silver league (Mad Pod Racing) but got stuck there.
I always have the message “you will be promoted to golden league in …” and timer keeps resetting… for more than a day now.
I’ve already tried resubmitting my code, but unfortunately still stuck.
Any clue please?

Sorry for the inconvenience, it should be all fixed now

Yes it is fixed. Thanks a lot.
Have a nice day.