Bug report - quest map not updated after league promotion in bot programming game


Here is the situation :
I had made the mad pod racing game to the silver league by the normal way, so in the quest map of the main website page, I got 1/2 at the quest REACH BRONZE LEAGUE IN 2 GAMES which is normal.
However, I did the spring challenge 2022 which is too a bot battle. I managed to go the the gold league and now that the game is a normal public bot battle game, I still have 1/2 at the quest REACH BRONZE LEAGUE IN 2 GAMES. I think this is a problem because I am in silver league in one game and gold league in another game so I should have the 2/2 bronze league validated in the quest since both silver and gold are higher league than bronze.

I hope this is clear and I remain at your disposal for further information.


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This is almost the exact position I’m in too.
Got silver in podracing, did the 2022 challenge and got gold.

Don’t have the “Reach the silver league in 2 games” achievement.

I’ve just resubmitted my 2022 challenge bot, we’ll see if this triggers it.

I’ve listed the issue for the devs to look into it.


The issue has been fixed, you should be able to validate your quests now :wink:


Yes it works! Thank you very much for your prompt response :smiley: