[Bug] Success and notifications issues

Hi. ^^

So, I just solved Power of Thor - Ep 1 in C# in order to get the silver C# success, but instead, I got the notification and the obtention of bronze success “You can do it”. I’ve participated at the “Green Circle” challenge and send a code on the IDE, but I just notice I didn’t have unlocked the “Here we go” bronze success.

About silver success of C#, I got it anyways but still any notification about it yet.

Solving a puzzle triggers an achievement check, that why you got the “You can do it” success.
I think you already had the C# achievement, didn’t you?
There is clearly a bug for the “let’s-a-go” achievement about starting an event.
Thanks for reporting it.

I’ve just checked my XP historical and you were right, I’ve already had the silver step for C# ; my bad about this. x)

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Didn’t want to create a new post for this, hence i use this one.

I did 2 challenges before green circle : Code à la mode, and A Code of Ice and Fire.
I looked to the success “start an event” which was, logically, on 2/3.

Then i did Green Circle. However, the success “start an event” is still on 2/3. Was Green Circle not considered as an event ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Same for me. I did FC2021, SC2022 and Green Circle, and still 2/3. i heard that it doesn’t work with sponsored events.

So, you need 6 years to get the “happy birthday” succes :stuck_out_tongue: (if we consider that FC and SC will happen every year).

yes, I filed this 11 days ago after Omiganox reported it. It’s currently being fixed by the R&D

Okay, Thx Thibaud

Problem solved, I just got the success !

Not for me, though…

Still 2/3 for me too.

It’s good for me : Trimestrial killer (3/3) this morning. Thank you.

Was just fixed this morning with a DB update. Still not having it @Razovsky ?

Hi Thibaud, got it 36mn ago, i just checked. Thanks !

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Hey again !

This time, it’s the silver success “Puzzle of the week”. I solved Retro Typewriter Art last week, but it didn’t unlocked anything yet.