Bug using VIM cmd

Trying to use “:32,36s/[row]/[this->row]/g” vim’s command to replace a part of my code, but it failed.
First, the CG web page, and after a few minutes, replace

else if (this->map[row][col] == UP && this->map[row][col] != 0)


else if (this->map[[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->[this->.... (to the end of line)

Thanks for your help !

EDIT: Not the first time it append for me