C++ 17 support?

Now that C++17 is official, what is the chance of getting access to it through coding game? C++11 is lagging a bit now days…

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It’s “approved”, not “official”.

I mean, I’m as much for C++17 than the next guy, but this Sutter post references an ISO-internal milestone; the real one will be publication.

In other words, it’ll be official when we know whether it’s ISO/IEC 14882:2017 or 2018.

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Well it will take coding game longer to implement a new language than the c++ standards committee to approve c++20, so we might as well give them a head start.

They have been saying C++17 is ready for a while now, my reading of this is it is actually all done… They just have to write a release statement and get a big rubber stamp.

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We could have at least C++14 by now…

c++17 is official now apparently

Thanks for c++14 btw,
looking forward to optimisations next year


Kicking an old topic, but

/tmp/Answer.cpp:16:10: fatal error: execution: No such file or directory
#include <execution>
compilation terminated.

What’s this? According to the FAQ, C++17 should be supported by now?!


Parallelism TS isn’t supported before gcc 9 (and even then needs another link argument).

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Haha, good find…

I came back to CG after a long time (2 years?) to try some C++17 stuff, only to find that it’s still not fully supported/implemented.

Let’s see how long it will take CG to support C++20 once it’s released xD