C# language Assistance is not working

Hi guys,
Two days ago I have noticed that my C# language assistance is not working anymore, I can write what I want and delete all the using statements, and it never underlines errors…
I have seen in the chat that I was not the only one so I was sure it will get fixed fast, but today I see that i still have this problem…
I checked with C and everything worked fine, but it obviously still doesn’t want to work with my C#.

PS: I find only a discussion about this from 2020 in a Rust topic, so i prefer to do a new one now to be sure it get more visibility !

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You’re right, this is a regression.
Here are the issues:

  • The diagnostics are not working, everything else is (hover, completion…)
  • A first content change is required for the intellisense to work

A fix is incoming for both

Thanks for the report


Thank you for working on it !

UPDATE: Everything is working fine now !

Oh you’re faster than me, I was going to inform you :slight_smile: