C++ Libraries

‑lm, ‑lpthread, ‑ldl, ‑lcrypt

I saw that these additional libraries are available for C/C++ programmers. I was mentioned here : FAQ

However I am clueless as to how to use these libraries and the actual name of the libraries. If some one could provide a link or so to some kind of documentation/reference/tutorials to these libraries I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thank You :+1:

-lm compiler option allows you to #include <math.h> and use methods from that library http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/cmath/

-lpthreads allows #include <pthreads.h> (POSIX threads)
-ldl allows #include <dlfcn.h> (dlopen/dlclose/dlerror/dlsym)
-lcrypt allows #include <crypt.h> (hashes?)

Thanks for helpin me out :slight_smile: Do you know any good places on the web where I can learn these ?

[quote="bvs23bkv33, post:2, topic:871"] -lm compiler option allows you to #include <math.h> [/quote]

math.h ? Whats the point of that ? Isnt it already part of the standard library ?

i provided you a link for the first one, others seem not to be needed for tasks
most of functions are available in standard, but not all

pthreads.h might come in handy for multiplayer games. Especially if you are brute forcing a game tree or using min-max etc etc

Do you know, is Java threads allowed?

I think yes, since threads/multithreading are in-built with the standard Java

It isn’t fair to single thread languages, so sad…

why do you think so? i managed to enable threads in pascal with cthreads, i think any language can use multithreading winth external libraries