Call for the next community contests contributors

As most of you know and as I explained in this blog article, we want to have more contests, and more regularly. (we’ll have several teams working in parallel)

So I’m calling for the next future creators: reply below or contact me directly (pm or

If you’re interested in, but you don’t think you can do it, let me reassure you:

  • Are we looking for contest killers? No.
    Yes, I chose Agade, Magus, pb4 and reCurse for the first community contest. But we had no tools yet, and for a first community contest, we wanted to be on the safe side.
  • Does Mean Max set the bar too high? No.
    Mean Max is a great game, but you don’t have to create a complex game to have a great game. Look at Ghost in the Cell. Fairly simple to start with, and it’s still a great game.
  • Are we expecting you to create a 10-day multiplayer game? No.
    Mean Max was created as a “classic” contest, but it doesn’t mean we’re not opened to other suggestions and ideas.

If you have any other questions, I’ll be happy to answer them!


I want to help make a contest.

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I would be interested to help. Got a few ideas.

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I’ll write a post-mortem article for the community contest creation with many details of what we have done. I think i’ll send it to codingame so they can put it on their blog. If they don’t want i’ll store it somewhere else !


Any other interested? \o/

Sign me up :slight_smile:

Where do I sign ?
(Obviously I need to read the fine print :wink: )

Where do I sign ? I’m up for the challenge !^^

I’ll add you too to the group of interested people. Ok I think we have enough people for 3 to 4 challenges. As stated above, we’ll work in parallel.
Thank you all and wish us good luck!

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more information.

The next contest (Community Contest 02) is unavailable right now because we had a slight issue with our email manager (you know the one which sent the end of the contest on Tuesday :smiley:)

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You mentioned ‘But we had no tools yet’ so are there any tools now to try and build a contest in the free time?

We’re working on it. It will eventually be available on CG (like for community puzzles/COC), but not anytime soon.

Ohhh, I missed the call and I’m too late.:cry:


Add me to the backup list :wink:

I’d like to participate in contest creation too

Hello, I am also interested. You can add me to the backup list too.

I’m also interested!

I’m interested. Count me in


Moi aussi j’aimerai apporter ma pierre à l’édifice !

Niveau idée, j’imaginerai bien un Capture the flag (à la quake), en 2D :wink:

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I’d like to be in (I have an idea that mixes puzzle then competition) but I don’t know if it is good.

Hello Thibaud,

How can I sign my name up for helping the contest equipe? I don’t know if my skills are high enough but am seriously interested in mission.